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Chilluxe™ employs a stainless steel cooling stick designed to be frozen for an hour. Once inserted into your wine bottle, it rapidly chills your wine within 10-15 minutes, maintaining the perfect temperature for over 2 hours.

Yes, Chilluxe™ is easy to clean. The removable spout ensures easy and thorough cleaning, and the product is dishwasher-safe, making maintenance a breeze.

The removable spout not only offers a drip-free pour but also introduces aeration, enhancing the aroma and flavor of your wine for an optimal tasting experience.

Yes, you can! Chilluxe™ is designed to stay in the bottle while you enjoy your wine, maintaining the desired chill throughout your sipping session.

For optimal performance, freeze Chilluxe™ for at least one hour before inserting it into your wine bottle.

Yes, Chilluxe™ is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. With proper care, it can provide years of enhanced wine enjoyment.

Yes, Chilluxe™ is designed to fit standard wine bottle sizes. Its universal compatibility ensures that it can be used with most bottles for a consistently chilled experience.

Yes, Chilluxe™ is perfect for outdoor events. Its compact design and rapid chilling capability make it an ideal companion for picnics, barbecues, beach outings, and more.

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